“He clothed them.”

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard of temperaments, but if you have I’m a melancholic. There are plenty of strengths that come with this temperament, but there are also weaknesses. One of them is that I easily get stuck in the ideals that are not being met. I typically spend a lot of time keeping myself stuck in desolation. I spiral myself into focusing on how I’m failing the Lord, how I’ve fallen into temptation, how I’ve chosen to run from the Lord instead of toward Him.

I’ve been struggling a lot with this tendency lately, and was bringing it to prayer. I was reminded of the creation story and spent some time in Genesis. We all know the story: Adam and Eve eat from the tree and God kicks them out of the Garden. I was prompted to look back at the passage because after Adam and Eve eat from the tree, they hide, and God, even though He knows exactly what is going on, He calls out to them and asks them to reveal themselves. He asks, “Where are you?” I thought that I needed to reflect on the fact that God is a gentleman, He doesn’t force us to give ourselves to Him, but He does search for us.

As I continued reflecting on the passage though, I got stuck on Genesis 3:21

“The LORD God made for the man and his wife garments of skin, with which he clothed them.”

Adam and Eve had told the Lord that they hid because they were naked. God knew that this meant they ate from the tree and He dealt out some intense punishments, but before banishing them from the Garden, He clothed them.

He provided for Adam and Eve even in His disappointment and anger with them. That’s how much He loved them. This is such a testament to the Heart of the Father, His heart is so full of love for us, that even when we fail Him, He is still providing for us.

If God provided for Adam and Eve, the first humans, the ones who He created out of the Earth to live with Him forever in the Garden, even when they failed Him, why do I think He won’t provide for me in my failure? When I get stuck in these moments of desolation and hopelessness in my own failures, I forget that the Lord is still with me.

This passage from Genesis is such a great reminder that the Lord never abandons us. He never leaves us on our own. And He doesn’t want us to get stuck in these moments of doubt of His providence and love for us. The Heart of God is full of compassion, love, and tenderness. He will provide for every one of our needs if we only ask and rely and trust Him.

But God proves his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8


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