The Gift of Writing

Last week I was reflecting a lot on the last month, preparing for spiritual direction. I was getting caught up in all of the troubles and struggles of the past month. I was getting stuck on all of these negative attributes of mine and finally came to realization that I had lost sight of myself. I know that the Lord created me as His beautiful beloved daughter with tons of gifts, but I was really struggling to see what those were.

So I asked Jesus to show me who I am, to reveal my gifts to me. As He always does, the Lord delivered. The week previously I had spent several days writing a letter that would be put in the bulletin at the parish where I work. Several of my coworkers made a point to stop into my office during the week to compliment me on it. I didn’t really think much of this, until Saturday, when the Lord got a little more obvious.

I was at a friend of mine’s wedding reception, chilling with some friends who I hadn’t seen in quite some time. I started a conversation with one of them and we were catching up a bit and then she started to talk about how much my blog has meant to her. I never really know what to do in those situations, when someone is very complimentary, but I tried to take in all she was saying and be gracious. As I’ve been reflecting on this conversation and the others I had last week, I’ve realized that the Lord was speaking me to me through all of those different people, and especially through this friend of mine. He was reminding me that He has given me the gift of writing.

It might seem silly to you, my lovely blog readers, to think that I forgot that the this is a gift of mine, but I really had. I’ve severely fallen behind in how often I write these blogs and had kind of let my gift fall to the wayside. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and lose track of the things that I love. While I do love writing, actually committing to a regular schedule is daunting. I rely heavily on inspiration when I write these blogs and when I don’t have anything strike me, I tend to really struggle to write. However, I feel like it is a disservice to the Lord not to use the gift that He has given me, so I want to attempt to write once a week.

I can’t promise I’ll be faithful to this promise, but I will promise to at least try. I know that I’m not perfect and that there are a lot better writers out there, but if the Lord is using me, through my writing, to speak to people, I need to keep writing. I want everything I do to speak of the Lord’s love and this is just one way that I can do that. So, until next week my dear readers, keep fighting the good fight!

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