He is Working in the Waiting.

Since I returned from the Convent I’ve felt like I’ve been in a holding pattern, waiting for the Lord to show me the next step. I came back without a real direction, vocationally or career wise. I felt the Lord calling me to work with the elderly and so I followed that little call. I got a job at a nursing home in activities. I also started back at Old Navy like I had been doing before I left.

Working two part time jobs was difficult and challenging. I struggled often with finding joy in my ordinary life. I was striving to hold on to hope that the Lord would still fulfill His promises. I was practicing hoping in things I couldn’t see. I knew that the Lord is good. I recognized Him with me in this place but I couldn’t quite see where He was leading or what He was doing in my time of waiting.

While working at the nursing home, I’ve been asked to lead a Bible Study once a week with residents of different Christian denominations. It’s had it’s ups and downs. The first week only three residents showed up, but as I started handing it over to the Lord good things started happening. Each week, I prayed on the way to work that the Lord would love through me that He would speak through me. And over time, the Bible Study grew to a full table of residents. That in itself was a beautiful victory but the Lord wasn’t finished.

This week, my second to last week at the nursing home, the Lord showed Himself big time. I had an encounter with a resident last week who shared with me that he had never read the Bible. I invited him to Bible Study and he showed up today. During our discussion he had a moment of sharing where he almost was in tears because he was able to understand what was being said in the scripture we were reading. Then, after Bible Study was over, I took one of the residents back to her apartment and was small talking with her on the way. I went to leave her and she stopped me and asked me to pray with her.

I left the nursing home tonight wondering why the Lord was working in such seemingly little but really huge ways when I’m getting ready to leave this job. I texted a couple of my friends to share how the Lord was working and they helped me to come to an important realization. These victories were the Lord showing me His faithfulness to me in these months of waiting. These two incidents with my residents tonight are the fruits of the last six months of trusting and hoping in the goodness of the Lord’s promises. They are proof that even when we think we’re just waiting and nothing is happening, that the Lord is still working.

And now as I prepare for the next chapter, I am able to encourage those of you who are in periods of waiting, the Lord is with you and He is working. Be patient. Trust. Hope in the things you can’t currently see. He will fulfill His promise to you. And He is using this time, right now, for His good and for your good. He doesn’t leave us alone, not ever. And for those of you in times of waiting, I recommend this beautiful song by Bethel.

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