Why I like sunrises

I really like sunrises. And when I mean I really like them I mean I REALLY REALLY like them. Ask my coworkers. They will have a whole slew of stories about me in the morning. You see, I work almost every week day at 5am. When the sun starts to peak out I get super happy, especially when the clouds start turning pink or purple or orange. I can’t help but get excited. My heart fills with joy and awe every single time. And let me tell you, I’ve witnessed a LOT of sunrises in a year of working these 5am shifts, but they never get old. I usually yell out in joy and tell everyone to look at the sky. At this point, some people find it amusing others annoying, but it doesn’t matter. When something brings you the amount of joy I feel when I see the sunrise you just have to share. I want everyone to be able to experience what I do. I haven’t always been like this though. When I first started working early mornings I was anything but joyful.

Let me explain why I like sunrises so much and what they’ve done for me. Last summer when I was asked to wait a year to enter the convent I felt abandoned. I started working a part time job, which had me working at crazy early hours, doing things I didn’t enjoy with people who I didn’t want to be friends with. I kept waking up though. I kept going to work. I kept doing everything that I knew I was supposed to do. I started witnessing those sunrises everyday. And as I noticed them more and more I was reminded of a simple truth: the sun will always rise.

That simple truth is something we figure out at a super early age, but it was important for me to be reminded of this. No matter how dark the night is, the sun will still rise in the morning. Even if there are clouds and it’s raining and you can’t necessarily see the sun, it’s still there and it still rises. It’s one of the only things we can really count on happening every single day.

One day something else clicked, the Lord was with me. My life was like a rainy day. The clouds were everywhere, I couldn’t see anything but darkness, but God was still there. He always is. As sure as I could count on the sun to rise each morning while I was at work, I could also be sure that the Lord was with me. And as this truth started to sink in, I started to associate the Lord’s incredible faithfulness with the consistency of sunrises. And the beauty of the sunrises with the Lord’s love for me each day, that it is new and perfect just for that day, just like every sunrise is unique because every day is different.

So, I REALLY REALLY like sunrises because when I look at them I know that I am loved by an amazing Father who is incredibly faithful. I hope the next time you witness a sunrise you can be reminded of the same fact because you are just as loved and He is as faithful to you as He is to me, especially when we don’t think He is.

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