Holy Thursday

“Do you realize what I have done for you?” John 13:12

Jesus asked me this directly tonight at Mass for Holy Thursday. The entire time I was overwhelmed with how deep and extravagant the Lord’s love for me is. He chose this suffering to save me. He chose to be betrayed by one of His closest friends in the Garden for my sake. Jesus was whipped and stripped and humiliated because He wanted to give me the opportunity to be with Him in Heaven. He walked all the way to Golgotha falling, being ridiculed, and finally being nailed to the cross, out of love for me. Jesus chose to die so that we would never have to be separated. And He left the Eucharist so that even now, when we are separated we really aren’t. Jesus loves me so much that He made it possible for us to never be apart. That’s some intense love.

Do we really realize what Jesus has done for us?

Mass of the Lord’s supper tonight was the perfect reminder for me that all of this is about love. It was also the much needed reminder that I actually desire to give a full gift of self back to the Lord. He did so very much for me. He sacrificed everything out of love for me. And my response must be to give everything back, for me that means entering the convent, but we’re all called to respond.

As the altar was stripped tonight, let us strip our hearts. Let us prepare for the events of tomorrow and allow what Jesus did for us to really sink in. He did everything for us, what are we going to do?

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