The need to rest

Do you ever get really overwhelmed by all the things you must get done or should be doing? This is a constant battle for me. I see all of the tasks that need completed and never feel as if there will be enough time to finish them. This week in particular I was confronted with a lot of tasks and not enough time. I left each day feeling defeated because I couldn’t finish what I was supposed to be able to finish. This made for a really long week.

I think we all experience this in one way or another. We focus a lot on doing, whether that be at our job or even in our spare time. There are chores to be done at home or shows to watch. There is always something we need to do.

I was reminded this week that I need to rest. We all need to rest. It’s something we fail at often because we don’t rest in the way we need to. We feel stretched too thin and like we can’t hold on much longer. We think we need to sit on the couch and binge watch netflix and that will help us feel better but we’re still missing something. We aren’t satisfied. That’s because we aren’t letting ourselves be filled back up. We need to go to the Father. He is the only one who can truly give us what we need. We need to learn how to receive. We need to learn how to just be.

Being human has never been about doing. We are created to be. We need to learn how to be a son or daughter of the Father and how to receive His love. And then once we figure that out we can go back to our daily lives and be present to people. Our jobs and the tasks that we need to complete don’t come first and they shouldn’t consume us. We are created first to be loved and then to love. Loving isn’t about doing either. It’s about receiving people into our hearts. It’s about allowing the love of our Father to consume our hearts, to fill them up, so that we can let that love overflow into the people we encounter. Those tasks will still fill up our to do list. And we still need to do things, it’s how this world works, but if we focus on being first and doing second the tasks won’t seem so overwhelming anymore. Our life will be centered on what really matters.

When we learn how to rest, by allowing the Father to fill us up, instead of relying on things of this world to fill that hole. That’s when we’ll stop feeling so overwhelmed and start being who we were created to be. 

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