Easter Joy

Easter Vigil is my all time favorite Mass ever. It is full of so much joy and love. This year in particular was a little overwhelming for me. I was more invested and engaged this year than ever before. I got tears in my eyes so often I can’t even tell you which parts struck me the most. Some of my favorite parts: watching the paschal candle be brought in and walked up the same aisle that just the day before the cross had been brought up, the beauty of the sanctuary filled with flowers (and the fact that I was overwhelmed by their scent as soon as I opened the doors to the Church), the lighting of the church from only the candles held by the congregation, the lights being turned on and the bells being tolled to the singing of the gloria, receiving so many new members into the Church, and so much more. I was filled with so much joy and peace after Mass, satisfied knowing that Christ is risen!

And yet, this morning, I woke up feeling like I was back in Lent, weighed down by so much, clinging to my troubles. I long so deeply to live the joy and peace of Easter every day. I want to be so consumed by His love and mercy that nothing could shake me.

This Easter season, for me, is a chance to start again. To trust that what He promises is true. That if He can rise from the dead He most certainly can handle the problems that are wearing me down. Today is a new beginning. It is time to let the risen Christ truly transform my life. It is time to let the hope of joining Christ in Heaven take over. It’s time to not let little problems dampen my hope and joy. It is time to trust that the Lord will give me strength to overcome all obstacles. It is time to stop living in my time but to embrace God’s timing.

Today is just the beginning. May I be transformed by this Easter season and remember that the Resurrection could only happen with the cross. It is time to accept the cross and realize that nothing will be perfect until Heaven. I have immense hope because Christ is risen but that doesn’t mean there won’t be pain and struggle along the way. And that doesn’t make it bad, it actually just means I’m entering into the Paschal Mystery more completely.

May you be blessed this Easter and may you come to experience the joy of the Paschal Mystery more completely!

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