This past month the T.O.Rs have had a lot going on at the monastery.

Earlier this summer three sisters made their perpetual vows,

perpetual vows

the new candidates entered a few weeks ago,



the novices took their first vows last week,

first vows


and recently the postulants became novices – receiving new names and jumpers.sisters

I’ve been aware of the fact that all of this would be happening and have witnessed it all through their facebook page.

However, something really hit me today when I saw the sisters whom I met as postulants with their new name tags and jumpers and really it’s been bugging me every time I’ve seen the pictures from everything that is happening. I am so happy for these women. I saw the pictures just a few minutes ago on Facebook and got like overly excited. I wanted to call them up and congratulate them and hug them. I wanted to laugh with them about the fact that I’m going to struggle to call them the right name for awhile because I’ve known them as their birth name. I also was sad that I wasn’t able to be there for the Mass or ceremony, depending on the event.  

It’s a little bit scary to think about because I still don’t know the state of my application and still have probably a month before I’ll know anything for sure, but I have come to see these women as friends and sisters. I haven’t even spent that much time with them and maybe it’s weird that I feel so much of a connection to them when I’m not even sure they will remember my name when I visit next week because they have so many visitors, but to me it feels like a good sign. 


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