The real purpose of youth ministry

Last Sunday, I finished my first school year of being a youth minister. That last night was a little challenging. I almost wanted to cancel the end of the year party because I was feeling so exhausted and I didn’t feel like the teens cared anymore about what we were doing. Even after the party, I was just feeling really tired and not sure how long I could stick it out in ministry.

But today, I went out to lunch with someone who reminded me the real reason I’m in ministry. I didn’t decide to be a youth minister because I thought the job was going to be easy or the hours were going to be normal. I didn’t choose ministry for the paycheck or the numbers or the core team or the parents or because I like to work with high school students. I didn’t choose this job at all really. God chose me and He chose this job for me. And not just that, He chose this job for me because He loves me and I have been given the gift of falling in love with Him. Loving Him isn’t enough and He wants it that way. The reason I’m in ministry isn’t even to get to know the teens or give amazing talks or offer awesome social activities where tons of teens show up. The reason I’m in ministry is to lead teens closer to Christ. The reason I’m in ministry is to introduce teens to the love of my life and help them fall in love too. And it’s really nothing I can do. All I can do is allow the Lord to work through me and pray for His will for the teens. 

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