I was blessed today to be able to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for the all school Mass. I distributed Jesus’ blood. I have distributed to a lot of Masses, but this was my first all school Mass. I expected not that many students to elect to take from the cup. I was mistaken. I almost ran out before all of the students were through the line. Not only to witness such a great devotion to the precious blood, but just to see all the young people taking communion. Most were amazingly reverent. In those moments, I’m reminded what a HUGE gift we have in the Eucharist, especially the precious blood. 

Through my time as an Extraordinary Minister I’ve really felt drawn to the precious blood. I feel like a lot of people take it for granted and skip over it. Now, I know that you can receive either or the precious blood or the precious body and still be receiving the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus. But, I just feel like there is a reason why we have both and it’s important to also receive the blood of Christ. I’m feeling like we need to have a renewed sense of devotion to the precious blood.

It was that blood that poured down the cross. It was that blood that poured out of Jesus’ side as a fount of mercy for us. It was Jesus’ blood that saved us from sin, that washes away our sin. It is Jesus’ blood that washes us clean, that we are covered in when the Father looks at us an receives us as His children. 

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