Marian Consecration – Reflection

I was just reading from 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC. He was talking about how marian consecration allows Mary to do her work in us. It allows her to form us into saints with the Holy Spirit. 

I consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary last December. The book said that things would change, that a new morning would begin. Up until this moment I hadn’t really figured that to be happening. I haven’t really felt any different. However, I’ve noticed something that has really been a theme throughout the last few months, needing to accept Jesus fully into my life, needing to accept His help. I need to allow Him into every part of my life and give Him power and control. I need to realize that He is with me always, that He longs to help me, to be with me through the good and the bad. He is my savior and I need to start treating Him as such. 

I think Mary has been leading me slowly to this recognition. She’s trying to help me to understand the power of her son and the greatness that can come from allowing Him into my life completely without reserve. 

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